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The Location

GSHEL Consulting is based in Montreal, QC and provides a range of digital marketing services to small business owners across Canada and the United States remotely. Depending on geographic location, meetings can be conducted in-person, Skype, or on the phone. Some of our services are listed below, but you can find more on the services page:

  • online reputation management
  • search engine optimization
  • technical documentation
  • web scraping
  • ecommerce
  • link building
  • web design

The SEO Strategist

Gretchen Shelby-Dormer is an American, multilingual digital marketer specializing in organic and technical SEO based in Montreal, QC. Although currently working as a freelancer, Gretchen is interested in career opportunities in or around the Montreal area that would offer her the chance to develop her marketing and technical skills further.

Throughout 2016, Gretchen studied Mandarin Chinese at Peking University in Beijing, China. While there, she interned with two well-known foreign-run startup companies–one a policy consulting firm and the other an electric motorcycle producer–and discovered her passion for working with entrepreneurs in digital marketing.

Since returning from China, Gretchen has graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a 3.44 GPA, designed WordPress sites and configured WooCommerce and its products for small businesses, served as a Chinese interpreter, developed her technical and organic SEO skills, and worked on various side projects focused on improving her French and Chinese. She is currently interested in improving her French, coding, Google Adwords, and learning about Machine Learning.

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Gretchen started her internship with us as a technical writer, but she quickly rose to being manager of our social media platforms. The feedback I regularly get from people around her is that her dedication to work and her sense of responsibility make her a strong asset to the team. I would be very happy to recommend Gretchen for any work opportunities in the marketing and social media areas, as she would make a great addition to any team and a pronounced leader-in-training.

Sebastian C.
Evoke Electric Motorcycles, VP of Sales

I have always been impressed by Gretchen’s uncanny ability to look at procedures and improve them. She has great organizational skills and her personality is such that she gets along with everyone in the office. During the academic year, she worked an average of 8 to 10 hours per week on top of her full-time studies and extracurricular activities. Her work performance has been of the highest caliber and I would recommend her for any position.

Juanita S.
Miami University GRAMELAC, Administrative Assistant